2021 - metal ox analysis


2021 - metal ox analysis

25 December 2020

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YIN Metal sits on top and governs the 1st half of the year from Chinese New Year through to the end of June / Beginning of July.

The ox has 3 stems hidden in the branch – they are earth, metal and water.

it will be a year that changes fortunes very rapidly because of the 3 hidden stems.

These changes will take place most particularly in the months of the snake (May), rooster (September), and rat (Dec, but only on the days of the Pig).

Of the energies present in the 4 stems metal predominates (this includes the annual stem), with water being the grateful recipient of the flow. We could call this an output year – which will facilitate study and career advancement for those whose flow matches that of the year.

What you need what you really really need!

If your chart needs water, benefits from any of the 3 friends of the ox, or benefits from the nobleman effects of the Ox (yang wood, yang metal and yang earth) this will be a slightly easier year for you. We will also begin to see the influence of this moderation in January 2021 (January is an Ox month) through to and including January 2022.


We don't like to see too much of any element outweighing the balance for the other elements. With metal and water being the dominant elements in 2021 there will be pressure on the kidney / urinary bladder meridians, the lungs and large intestine meridians and the elements that are controlled by water - fire - the heart, triple warmer, small intestine and heart constrictor. This translates into the cardiovascular system. Make sure that you do not overlook the early warning signs of stroke and heart disease. Please, please discuss these topics with loved ones, families and colleagues. The single greatest group of people who fail to seek early treatment for heart attack are women! They tend to get 'silent' heart attacks and their early symptoms are often vague and mistaken for muscular skeletal events. Remember the early management of stroke means that people go on to recover very well with minimal loss of function if they get emergency treatment early.


If you have an Ox, a Rooster or a Snake in your team or in your partnership then you can rely on them to bring home the bacon.

Particularly those born in the year of the Ox – they are very diligent, take any burden you give them, and never talk back but … if they think you are wrong you CANNOT change their minds or get them to act differently. They are strategic thinkers and work well under pressure.

Be sensitive and respectful as an employer – find out what makes them purr and give it to them – they deserve it. You will never get a more willing employee.

Businesses that are built around the element of water will prosper in 2021. Transport, Trade, Ferries, Shipping, Transportation, Hospitality particularly if the serving of alcohol or drinks in general is part of your trade.

3.Socio-political matters

We will see conflict from the direction of the Ox into the direction of the Sheep. This means you should not do ANY renovations in these directions – do not violate any of the sha directions and do not move to a building or a home in the southwest of the country, state, town, village unless you come via a very indirect route.

4.Global matters

See the separate blog about the global / macro matters

5.Your personal chart

If you know what your day master is, and what your noblemen are then you are a step ahead.

The Ox cannot really damage the Sheep as they are both earth. This statement does not apply to your health pillar or your day pillar. You will experience obstacles and, unless you have a known health issue, then your health problems will be of a nagging and unexplainable nature until you encounter your nobleman month or consult someone who has your nobleman in their chart in a prominent place.

If you have your Ox placed in your day pillar then in the month of the Ox, the Rooster, or the Snake you will find very ‘nice’ things happening. Trust it as it is the universe giving you support and uplift.

If you don’t like too much water, or you have a clash caused by one of the Ox’ friends then take cover in those months, don’t push the envelope out, nurture yourself and stay away from people who sap your energy.

If you rely on the fire in your chart you MUST take care of your health, let that be your over-riding yardstick by which you make your decisions – should I go out tonight, feeling a bit under the weather, should I go out to breakfast when really I want to sleep in – then sleep in! Make your decisions based in being deeply aware of what you really, really, really need, not what you want. Your wants will lead you astray, your needs will talk truth to you.

Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Chi Gong

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