26 December 2021

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2022 the annual 5 is in the centre. This tells us that all stars take up their home positions and it thus makes stronger the challenges and the benefits.

To remind us all the beneficial stars are: 9, 8, 6, 4, 1

The challenging stars are: 7, 5, 2,

The watching brief is :3 

Each of the flying star numbers are codes for many layers of meaning.

This blog article goes hand in hand with the forbidden directions in 2022 (aka do not disturb). The 5 falls in the centre. ANY work done on a house will have serious consequences if you live in the house whilst work is being done! The 5 is about sickness and that is for the whole household. If you cannot wait to accumulate debt then MOVE OUT. 2023 would be a better time frame to make those changes.

Each Month the stars fly again (actually they fly on a daily and hourly basis too). In August the 5 flies into the centre so this essentially triples the effect of the positive and the negative stars. Again - move out if you must make structural or decorative changes.

These stars are present in this formation or flight path everywhere on the globe - you can't go on holidays and get away from the effects. As Crowded House said - 'no matter where you go you take the weather'. Do read the blog about Global trends as it contains the inauspicious directions for 2022. You can extrapolate from the large to the small.

An example is 1 - it is water, it belongs to the north and governs or covers the 2nd son in the I-Ching / Trigrams. If you have 1 as your Ming Gua then what happens in the North Gua is important and impactful on you. If there is any sha coming to that location or from that direction then you must be protected from the impact. In 2022 the sha energies called 5 sha are located here covering the pig, rat and ox (spans 5 mountains which are the subsets of the circle).*

More about the sha directions in the other 2022 articles.

1, 9, 8, 6, 4 we merely open doors and windows in these directions to get the most from this qi. We can enhance ONLY the 8 with the colour red and some erect triangles. I also like to use Himalayan salt lamps. Depending on your landform me might do something with the 9 (south).

The stars we need to cure are: 7, 5, 2 and 3.

7 we must drain it using water. The water should not be loud or rapidly moving and should be preferably outside. Inside we can use colour - navy, black or indigo. We can also use a salt water cure. Make sure that you refresh it, particularly in the Month of August when the monthly 5 visits thus doubling the benefits and challenges.

5 in the centre is very difficult to cure. Most houses either have a room fall here (in open plan buildings), or as many buildings have a central corridor they are being constantly activated. You should use a pair of Brass or Bronze mythical animals called KaiRen, and if you have one, a Gold coloured Chinese Fan on display in some form.

2 in the southwest should be cured with salt water cure placed directly in the monkey location. You can also use a black faced clock or a pendulum clock in the middle third of that Gua. 

You must remove all earth and fire cures from the 2, 7 and 5 just before the end of the Ox best on the 28th and 29th of January 22.

Remove all metal cures from the 3, 4, 6 and 7 on that date too.

Finally the 3. It is yang wood, and is at home in a yang wood gua (East palace). The annual stem is Water, and the branch (Tiger) is wood, Fire and Earth. This can be problematic BUT NOT FOR A BUSINESS especially if it is a legal practice or an advertising business. If you have one of these businesses do not implement a cure.We need to be aware that the 3 can be used BUT it is a very hard task master. There are conditions to using it. DO NOT enhance it with water. If you can use it then just welcome it in. The rest of us mere mortals we must 'cure' it because of its inherent power and its eruptive movements upwards and because of its possibility to cause arguments, accidents and nasty legal issues. 

*A circle is made up of 360 degrees and that circle covers the full 360 degrees of possible directions if you place it on a flat surface it spans out in all directions ( in the I-Ching it is referred to as the multitude of things). That circle is divided into 8 guas which each have 3 mountains. Some of the mountains are stems and some are branches and some are inter cardinal directions which are used in advanced formulas. The 5 shas in 2022 are in the North, the final 3rd of the North West and the 1st 3rd of the North East.

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