26 December 2021

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What can we expect from the water tiger in 2022 in terms of opportunities and challenges?

A gua is an area of qi that can be called a palace or a location like the kitchen or the living room. More about all this in my forthcoming book.

Starting at the International Date Line unfold the map and the LoShu pattern from right to left as above. You can see that the qi is not equally distributed as we are dealing with an ellipse. We have two broad types of movement – one that flows on the horizontal plane and travels east to west and one which arises from the centre like the qi distribution mechanisms of the human body where this area is called the DanTien. 

We have residential qi from the attributes of the I-Ching in each of those palaces. These palaces correspond to the original numbers allocated to those locations in both the I-Ching and the LoShu. This means that in 2022 we have the doubling of the attributes of those numbers. The North East is Gen Gua the home of the 8, the South East is Kun Gua, the home of the 2 and the Centre has the 5. The two and five are negative and 8 is positive or benevolent. This helps us read the global energies.


It is the year of the Tiger – the Tiger resides in the last third of the North Eastern Gua (palace). 180 degrees opposite is the Monkey in the South West Gua which is the home of Kun or the mother. The monkey (metal) is strengthened by the earth in the Kun Gua, and the Tiger (wood) is diminished by the earth in the Gen Gua.

The other significant sha energy of 2022 is the 5 shas which covers the pig, the rat and the ox. This involves the last 3rdof Qian Gua (North West), the middle third of the Kan Gua (North) and the first 3rd of the Gen Gua (North East). As the stars which have flown to these locations are all positive it brings great potential for emotional healing, resolution of conflict, wisdom, great communication and breakthroughs in science.


We will follow the stars in their flight pattern.

Starting with 5 in the Centre as in the diagram above.

5 falls on South-Western Africa around the former French, Belgian, English colonies of Africa. Illness may arise here again. We already have a sneak peak with the Omicron variant - this illness is much more likely to be gastric / abdominal in nature. It will affect the spleen and stomach. It has a feel or flavour of typhoid fever or water borne Cholera. These remain endemic in some populations including Africa, South America and India. The fire in the Tiger, Horse and Dog contribute to the febrile symptoms.

6 is in the North West taking in most of Canada and the northern parts of the USA. It is benevolent and these economies should grow substantially. A little bit of North Western Africa falls under the influence of the 6 and may even contribute more in terms of the frontier of space. particularly in the emerging period of 9.

7 falls in the West it takes in Mexico through top half of South America, Southern USA and all the islands off the coast of Florida including West Indies, Cuba etc. The 7 is quarrelsome and likes to pick fights! It stirs up its neighbours and people just minding their own business. Look out for the time that the USA pluto return goes direct and the Mercury retrograde times. 7 comes back in the Monkey month and it clashes with the Tiger (August).  additionally when the 6 or 2 lands in the West - April, September and January 2023 there will be additional stirring up of energies. 

8 falls in the North East and covers Russia, Koreas, Large part of China, the northern most parts of the arctic circle landmasses, it also takes in turkey, eastern africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Greece etc. This means that these places will prosper and flourish for the last time under the influence of the prosperous 8.

9 falls in the South and covers the middle section of Antarctica. Whilst there are only tiny islands between Africa and the middle section of Antarctica it does cover part of the 4th largest Ocean of the globe and as such is significant. This is the best energy for future prosperity and benevolence / philanthropy – let us hope that the people of the world decide to protect this treasure in a meaningful and permanent way. I am always hopeful.

The 1 falls in the North taking in Northern Africa, Mediterranean, Spain, Most of Western Europe, Parts of Greenland, Scandinavian countries and of course the British Isles and associated islands. It does have the 5 shas here but the nature of 1 (Kan Gua) is to nourish with water, communication, philosophical discourse and a rising up of wisdom. In the months governed by each of the 3 branches Pig, Rat and Ox there might be too much water, floods and erosion of earth.

2 falls in the south west. It has the monkey in one of the sha directions in 22. It is about sickness and resistance to change. The sickness is abdominal as is the 5.

The tricky and capricious and quick to act 3 touches South East Asia through the islands of Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and associated smaller islands. The 3 can nurture plant growth, agriculture, literature, food generally, including raising animals for human consumption. BUT arguments can arise because it is volatile. It is the Zhuen Gua also known as Thunder in the I-Ching. Arguments might be about global food programmes and medicines. (Vaccines belong to metal because they involve piercing the skin). 3 Also relates to justice so there might be a more concerted effort to address poverty and unequal distribution of resources.

4 touches parts of Eastern and South Africa, Madagascar, and the Antarctic. The 4 is benign and hopefully health, and healing takes place or originates in these areas of the globe. For a bit of fabulous radio / podcast listen to this Radio Lab programme about the discovery of Rapamycin one of THE most useful drugs invented / discovered accidentally from soil samples from Rapanui. Nerds like me who collect factoids love these things. Rapanui (Easter Island) sits off the coast of Chile almost directly in the path of the Monkey!


February - Water Tiger, March Water Rabbit, Wood Dragon, Wood Snake, Fire Horse, Fire Sheep, Earth Monkey, Earth Rooster, Metal Dog, Metal Pig, Water Rat, Water Ox.


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