Sauvage Feng Shui and Design Services

Accredited by Master H Liu, 4th generation Feng Shui Master

I would love to work with you. I see all clients as collaborators and we negotiate the project together. I bring my Feng Shui eyes and you bring your business and family needs, and of course, your vision to our initial meeting. I have been a student of Master Liu since 1997 - I am approaching my 20th year of practice - that means I have a wealth of experience and resources for you my clients or potential clients.

I offer four basic services:

  • Consultations for new and returning clients. I have many very satisfied clients with a very high return rate for annual tweaks and follow ups.
  • Information sharing - I write regularly about Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology via blogs and monthly newsletters.
  • Skills development and sharing - with short courses for professionals and novices.
  • Destiny Analysis - based in the ancient metaphysical skill of Chinese Astrology. 
  • I also take private students

2016 - What's ahead

I am preparing the 2016 annual newsletter - should be live by end of December. Here is a sneak peak for the year of the fire monkey. I mention seminars, workshops and online updates - they will be rolling out over the next few weeks too. You can book in by using our online form and you can also pay for your place using paypal.

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International Feng Shui Association Australian Chapter

I am also the current secretary of the Australian Chapter of the International Feng Shui Association. It is a great privilege to be actively involved in nurturing the skills and talents of the Feng Shui consultants and masters who practice in Australia.

We are a very hard-working and talented committee bringing you the very best the Feng Shui Industry can offer within Australia and have direct links with our parent organisation the International Feng Shui Association.

Astrology Chart

My latest challenge was attracting someone to share my life with. I have always believed in the Law of Attraction” so I knew I needed to change.  I had already made many personal growth changes however the shift still had not happened, so I called my friend.  After making only a few of the recommended changes Vicki suggested in my current residence my energy and life has been opened and I am now blessed with a new relationship.

PF Geelong - Vic